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I have always loved to make things. As a child, my parents were a huge influence on my creative passion. Dragging my sisters and I from workshops to art studios, my Mum fostered in me a deep appreciation for handcrafted art, developing my knowledge of a variety of skills, from pottery to silversmithing. My Dad’s influence was in the healing arts, soothing sore muscles and mending ailments with the energetic power of his hands. It is from these wellsprings that my creative juices flow.

Art has taken on new meaning to me over the years. My family lives with High Functioning Autism, Learning Disabilities and ADHD, and I find myself constantly asking, “What if what we perceive to be imperfection is actually an advantage?” “How does our uniqueness allow us to contribute, collaborate, and co-create?” Handcrafted art has become that medium of expression that I use to answer these questions – to bring authenticity, distinctiveness and beauty center stage, reminding myself and those that wear my pieces that expressing who we are is valuable, even essential, to the collective good.

My journey has been one of expansion and love – of developing inner strength and recognizing the power within. I believe all women should honour their own strength, grace, and uniqueness, and each piece I create is a delicate expression of that power. It is also a coming together of earth and elements, which bring their own energy of healing and renewal. 

Life is a journey, and in it, we find our own identity, beauty, and value. The earth offers us the same lessons – the important balance between strength and delicacy, the power of healing, and the value of authenticity. Each piece of Louise Estelle jewellery is lovingly made with these in mind. 

Unearth your elegance. Embrace your inner grace. 

"I've always been fascinated with women stepping out into the world feeling lighter, more joyful and beautiful.  That's sensuous and it changes the people they interact with, their essence and being becomes unforgettable, irresistible.
There's a meditative space available as each piece of jewelry is created that heightens the natural healing elements of the gems and metals.  I'm playing with the infinite molecules rather than an inanimate object. Each jewelry piece has limitless energetic elements to contribute to the person wearing it."